Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Four convicted for Delhi gang rape

Four men have been found guilty of the fatal gang rape of a student in the Indian capital Delhi last December.
The 23-year-old woman was brutally assaulted on a bus and died two weeks later.
Her death led to days of huge protests across India in a wave of unprecedented anger.
The case forced the introduction of tough new laws to punish sexual offences. The four men are expected to be sentenced on Wednesday.
Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur and Pawan Gupta denied charges including rape and murder, and lawyers for three of the men said they would appeal against the convictions.
They face the death penalty over the attack on the physiotherapy student after being found guilty of rape, murder and destruction of evidence.
Dozens of reporters as well as protesters calling for harsh sentencing gathered outside the court to await the verdict.
“Hang Them! Hang Them! Hang Them!” the demonstrators chanted soon after the verdict was passed down.
“I convict all of the accused. They have been found guilty of gang rape, unnatural offences, destruction of evidence… and for committing the murder of the helpless victim,” Judge Yogesh Khanna pronounced.
Arguments ahead of sentencing will begin on Wednesday morning, he said.
The rapists were on an out-of-service bus when they tricked the 23-year-old woman and a male friend into boarding it

Apple again conquers the world with iPhone

Today, the company best known in the world of technology has introduced two new models of phones for the first time in its history six years.
And most of expectations have proved to be accurate, but Apple has also added more than people expected, Mashable said in an editorial, the largest event dedicated to Apple.
On the iPhone 5S, Apple has added many important features of security, and has given her a new phone even golden color. A perfect combination for those who want to show friends that already have the newest model of the Apple phone. IPhone 5S is now in the sensor which distinguishes fingerprints of the owner of the phone, and not only.
On the other hand, Apple has also added LED light cameras in both the phone and did something that very few people have waited; has doubled the speed of the iPhone 5S, in comparison with the iPhone 5. Therefore has given its users many faithful a good reason to buy the phone its new iPhone and put the iPhone 5S and 5C in the world spotlight, once more within the year.
In the event today, Apple has published a very interesting information. The company has said it has so far managed to sell 700 million iOS devices. And that has led to innovations in iPhone 5S and 5C iPhone, Apple is expected to soon reach 1 billion devices sold in its operating system, iOS.